Analysis of Helium (HNT) network upstart PantherX1 Hotspot’s kingly performance

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Helium is a global and distributed open network. Helium can provide public wireless network coverage for IoT devices that support the LoRaWAN protocol, making it easier for IoT devices to access the Internet and transmit data.

Helium Network motivates hotspot miners to purchase Hotspot devices through token incentives and setting up and deploying Hotspot to provide wireless network access for nearby IoT devices. Hotspot mining machines use the LongFi wireless protocol (an open-source protocol licensed by Apache in the Sub-GHz frequency band, which has the characteristics of low power consumption and comprehensive coverage) to provide wireless network coverage so that IoT devices can use the Helium wireless network at low power. Also, Data is transferred in the case of power consumption, and Helium’s consensus mechanism is PoC (Proof of Coverage: Proof of Coverage).

At present, Helium has more than 250,000 hot devices in more than 140 countries and more than 20,000 cities worldwide. More and more people are beginning to participate. However, there is a significant shortage on the market for Hotspot Mining devices, and it is tough to get your hands on the Helium hotspots.

Regarding HNT hotspot mining devices, we would like to talk about a new Hotspot that appeared in the market – Panther X. PantherX has shown some great results already, so let’s dive right into our research.

PantherX Hotspot Recent Development:

1. 2021.09.28 – E-Sun Electronics Limited, a subsidiary of Panther X Hotspot, becomes a member of DeWi (Decentralized Wireless Alliance) [the only one among all Helium hotspot providers]

2. 2021.09.28 – E-Sun Electronics Limited, a subsidiary of Panther X Hotspot, passed Helium official certification

3. 2021.09.28 – E-Sun Electronics Limited, a subsidiary of Panther X Hotspot, passed the Helium pre-sale approval

4. 2021.09.30 – Panther X Hotspot officially starts sales in Mainland China

5. 2021.09.30 – Panther X Hotspot sold 1,000 hotspots in less than 3 minutes

6. 2021.10.12 – Helium formally approves Panther X Hotspot for sales in Europe

Judging from the historical records, Panther X Hotspot is on the way to great success. 1000 Panther X1 Hotspots were sold out in just 3 minutes, and a considerable hype around Panther X1 was caused not only because of the absolute advantage of the hotspot device in the software and hardware configuration but also because of the number of rewards it accumulates on the Helium Network.

Today, I will use official data to explain the outstanding performance of Panther X1 Hotspot in accumulating network rewards.

The following data is from the official website of Decentralized Wireless Alliance (

Data shows that Panther X1 Hotspot ranks first in Helium’s entire network with an average daily reward of 0.59 HNT per miner.

Data source: DeWi official website

Not only that, but Panther X1 Hotspot is also far ahead in the growth rate of hotspot onboarding in the Helium network, crushing other hotspot manufactures of its kind.

Data source: DeWi official website

According to data from the Decentralized Wireless Alliance official website, the average daily HNT reward for a single Panther X1 Hotspot is 0.59. According to the price of HNT that equals $23, the average monthly income of each Panther X1 Hotspot can reach $407. In other words, users who purchase Panther X1 Hotspot can break even in less than 36 days. Its ROI value is outstanding in the whole network, and it is the only device in the entire network that can break even so fast.

With the continuous development of Helium, it is believed that users who participate in the Helium (HNT) network with the help of Panther X1 Hotspot will benefit from the continuous growth of the network. Furthermore, Panther X1 Hotspot promised to work even harder with the Helium (HNT) Network, allowing more users interested in joining NHT mining to have a better experience.

Panther X1 Hotspot also has low power consumption, high reliability and performance. All of that reduces users’ operation and maintenance costs while maximising the benefits of users participating in the network. Thus, we can say that Panther X1 Hotspot is quietly becoming a prominent hotspot provider in the Helium (HNT) network.

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