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There are channels that are created for expressing opinions or chatting about any subject. There are groups that are actually very useful. In this case, they are exploited as a promotion instrument which would ruin the impression for the members. But what if the admin of the group will balance the flow of ads and high-quality content? In this case, the profit will be maximized, and subscribers will not be displeased by the never-ending advertisement uploading.

The real question is the simplest – how can you find such groups? Usually, channels of this caliber are created by independent communities and companies. We are ready to present the ICO Speaks social media that is comprised of investors and start-up holders. They have registered 7 good channels that could be useful for subs that are interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Let’s see the Rating List of Tot 7 Crypto Telegram Channels and Groups:

  1. ICO Speaks News. First, you will need a decent news provider. Every investor and a token holder want to know what is going on in the world of cryptocurrency. This channel is up to the task – subscribe and you will have regular updates and other interesting information. This is the official channel from the company with a lot of subscribers.
  2. DeFiMillion. Do you feel safe when dealing with standard methods of payment? Are you aware that some banks can sell clients’ data? Are you tired of waiting for the transaction to be completed? These are the main reasons why so many people all over the world prefer decentralized finance instruments. And this channel could be your best choice if you are interested in this sphere.
  3. IEO Pools. Any investor knows that he needs to be updated on the events that are happening in the cryptocurrency world. This is one of the main reasons why they subscribe to as many news channels as it is possible. But imagine you can have only a news provider and if you want to choose a reliable source of information this one could be an ideal variant.
  4. BTC Champ. Sometimes it is hard to find a site that will provide exchange services. And if they do provide such serviced the commission will be too high to be allowed. Maybe that is the main reason why this channel has been created. Here you can exchange your BTC tokens as fast as it is possible. And there would be no commission. There are limits but there is no way you would want to exchange more than 10000 USD per day, right?
  5. ICO Speaks RU. Almost everyone on the planet knows what cryptocurrency is and how it is used. The Russian community is a huge part of the crypto-oriented society. If you are having trouble navigating through posts in English subscribe to this group and read the latest news any time you want. The subscription is free – all you must do is to click and enjoy the content.
  6. ICO Speaks. The verb «speaks» usage is not accidental. In this group, you can speak with any member. Express your point of view and ask as many questions as you like. This is a chat and to gain access all you must do is to subscribe. Click the button and join the conversation. Be careful dealing with strangers, but remember, that here you can find your first investor.
  7. ICO Listing. List your start-up describing the advantages of the company. This group has been created with one main purpose – exchange projects and potentially profitable offers. Feel free to write to admins and you will find out the price, conditions, and other specifications.

The subscription to these channels is completely free. They have been created for everyone. You don’t even need to be a professional in the cryptocurrency of the trading sphere. It is never too late to find out more about tokens and profitable opportunities. So, what are you waiting for?

It is time to start getting updates about the world of blockchain. Another wonderful advantage of these groups is the fact that you can advertise your project. Write a letter and see where it will lead you and your newly created company.

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