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Dzshop latest research report on cross-border E-commerce

London, United Kingdom, 11th Aug 2022 – From 2020 to 2022, the most heard about e-commerce may be cross-border e-commerce. The epidemic has swept the world, the domestic economy has been hit hard, the market is oversupplied, and the price war is intensifying, all of which are lowering prices and oversupplying quality. However, the foreign market is very large, there are many opportunities, and the supply is in short supply. The eyes of e-commerce practitioners are focused on the global market.(DZShop E-commerce platform)

Today, the research data of the domestic economic report shows that the domestic online performance is not good, which is not that the product is not good, the price is too high, but that the market is not selected. Combining all the data, it is found that only cross-border e-commerce can help realize the desire of the market with the lowest cost to establish the largest trading market. Looking at the overall weakness of the domestic market and the development trend of overcapacity, we can say that international trade is an inevitable trend, and the cross-border e-commerce model is the only way for small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the international trade market.

DZSHOP Market Technology Empowerment

The Southeast Asian market is the fastest growing region of the global Internet economy, and it is recognized as the region with the most demographic dividend in the world. With the focus of the world’s attention, the consumption awareness of Southeast Asian consumers has gradually increased, and the demand for e-commerce has exploded. The future market prospects of Southeast Asian e-commerce are very broad. As one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, DZSHOP quickly adapts to customer needs with real-time data and uses technology to redefine retail methods and customer experience. With the help of technology, it provides scalable and competitive products and technical solutions for the Southeast Asian market in the next ten years. (DZShop E-commerce platform)

In addition, the cross-border process of merchants is relatively simple. As long as sellers are familiar with the Southeast Asian market and can update themselves, and understand which products are suitable for sale in the market in this region, they can enter the DZSHOP platform. No annual fee is required, the platform has a large number of support resources, high turnover rate, low cost, and can also use ERP for free to manage store orders, collect 1688 sources of supply, publish product distribution in batches, and do not limit the number of stores.

The DZSHOP platform is divided into six sub-stations

DZSHOP Ho Chi Minh City prefers branded products, and they will learn about brands and product efficacy before shopping. Hanoi prefers to stock up, and they are more motivated to shop around the Spring Festival.

Singapore is one of the “Four Asian Tigers” and has great potential for development.

Malaysia is more inclined towards retro Chinese style, outdoor travel, and cosmetics.

In Thailand, the proportion of male and female consumption is 50%, and the categories that sell well include: jewelry, beauty, clothing and other fashion-related products.

The Philippines (DZShop E-commerce platform)is the largest shopping platform in the Philippines is DZShop.

Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce country.

Regarding DZShop, if merchants want to settle in, it is not difficult to register an account, and they need to pay a deposit of 3000 Yuan. However, because it is an Ali system, it can be bound to the company’s Alipay to collect accounts. It is relatively simple to operate, and the safety factor is relatively high. DZShop takes the international route, prefers refined operations, and values sellers to highlight their brands. (DZShop E-commerce platform)

Is the DZShop platform suitable for cross-border e-commerce beginners?

Platform limitations

  • Due to the lack of mastery of local customs and real-time economic changes, the order quantity and style are unstable;
  • The products listed are diverse and complex, and the later optimization workload is large;
  • Grafting “Pinduoduo” leads to unstable supply. After the explosion of orders, it is necessary to search for goods on the whole network, which is a risk;
  • There is no stable channel for the goods, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the procurement cost is high. It may even cause the risk of out-of-stock and delivery delays, which will lead to lower store ratings and affect sales; (DZShop E-commerce platform)

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