E-Pal helps Creators with initial traffic to get them exposure and drive revenues for their work

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E-Pal stands with their creator community by providing them initial traffic support so that they can get started with monetizing their projects with minimal efforts.

LAKE FOREST, CA, USA – E-Pal, a California based innovative startup company, recently launched a unique platform for small and medium sized Creators to enable them to get more exposure and generate revenues from their work. The company didn’t stop at just launching the platform. In a strong display of support to their creator community, the company has gone a step ahead by providing initial traffic support to help creator get exposure and drive revenues for their projects.

The company realizes that for new creators, attracting traffic to their projects is going to be a challenge. It takes time to build credibility and trust before creators will start to see a steady flow of leads and clients.

“We are committed to helping our creators and we’ll do whatever it takes to make their entrepreneurial journey rewarding and fun,” says a spokesperson at E-Pal. “When new creators enter the platform, they can get initial traffic from E-Pal, which helps them grow and increase user engagement.”

Even if creators don’t participate in the event, E-Pal will give them traffic support and exposure to help them increase awareness and revenue as well.

Web traffic is the lifeblood of any business. Businesses of all sizes compete with each other to get that coveted top ranking and get their Ad in front of the prospective buyers. One of the ways to get traffic is by using paid adverting options such search engine Ads or social media Ads. However, Solo Creators and Entrepreneurs are likely to have a limited marketing budget. Many of the new Creators who are just starting out will usually have no budget for advertising.

In addition, creators are not technically savvy will usually find it challenging to figure out where to start with their digital marketing strategy. Or they will lack the knowledge required to constantly optimize their campaigns to maximize the value they generate within their limited budget. Today, there are multiple tools and strategies at their disposal, which leaves them even more confused.

“While driving more visitors to the Creator’s project is great, it should not be the core focus of the campaigns. The end goal isn’t to increase the number of user sessions and hope some will convert. The end goal is to get more customers progressing through and closing at the end of the funnel,” says the representative from E-Pal. “Our algorithms are good at matching the prospective clients with the right Creators. This helps our Creators close the deals quickly.”

E-Pal is committed to providing their Creators with a sustainable source of income. The initial impetus by E-Pal serves as a motivation to Creators to work harder and deliver their best work, which results in positive feedback from clients. Once the creators are able to build a significant portfolio, it becomes easier for them to close clients on their own.

In addition to the initial traffic support by E-Pal, the Creators can also count on the helpful and supportive user community to get more exposure for their work. E-Pal has built up a strong and supportive member base that is always willing to help out their fellow community members.

“We wanted to provide creators with the ability to establish their brand without having to rely on major distribution channels or spending big money on advertising and marketing,” says a spokesperson at E-Pal. “We are committed to helping the Creators on our platform generate more revenues from their efforts.”

With the extensive set of resources that E-Pal provides to support Creators, all that the Creators need to do is to focus on displaying their creative abilities rather than worrying about marketing their work. It is this dedication and foresight of E-Pal’s team that makes it the favorite platform for Creators.

About E-Pal

E-Pal is an authentic and personalized social companionship service platform chosen by over 1,000,000 users. In addition to providing gamers an opportunity to play games and earn money, it also offers useful and interesting lifestyle services such as emotional support, relationship advice, sleep calls and more. Visitors to the site can also download the E-Pal app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play.

For more information about E-Pal and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website (https://www.epal.gg/).

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