Hal Bame Lists 3 Essential Elements of Blockchain Brand Marketing 

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Wellington, Florida, USA — For those yet to catch up, the web3 economy is already thriving, and the future belongs to those who grab opportunities fast and first. According to CEO and co-founder of Ojamu, Hal Bame, bringing AI and marketing to the blockchain space will help many people and businesses thrive in the new economy.

Ojamu is an AI and Blockchain platform that provides actionable insights and intelligence to brands. There is still a lot to learn and navigate with the new web 3.0 economy, which Ojamu facilitates. Hal Bame explains that Ojamu is a solution that empowers businesses to make informed decisions. Hal Bame credits the creation of Ojamu to his extensive experience in tech, blockchain, video games, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Looking at the changes unfolding in the space, Bame believes that blockchain brand marketing is crucial, and access to real-time data will help brands market themselves to their audiences better. Hal Bame also mentions that there are several elements of blockchain brand marketing that people should know. These include:

Combating click fraud and enhanced privacy protection

Marketing and advertising have mainly transitioned to the digital space, which has been plagued by click fraud and bots. With blockchain marketing, businesses will have a more trustworthy digital marketing space, and privacy protection for user and brand data is also enhanced.

Unlocking unfound audiences

Digital marketing has been limited because it is highly dependent on human-fed data. With blockchain marketing, AI and machine learning will help businesses tap into unfound audiences that they didn’t know fit their brands.

Creative loyalty programs 

The decentralized essence of blockchain makes it an excellent way to implement loyalty programs that entice audiences. This creates brand offerings for their audiences better and more accessible, leading to enhanced customer experience, retention, and loyalty.

“Blockchain brand marketing will help businesses make sense of the space they are playing, increase their ROI and boost their customer outreach,” believes Hal Bame.

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