How Learning Chess Ties with Marketing Skills

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Playing chess is one of the best learning activities which will help you to build many skills. Business institutes motivate their students to learn chess during studies so they learn how to make strategies, plan, and be competitive enough to survive in a market. Mainly marketing and chess share a lot in common because in chess you use different analogies and metaphors to convey your thinking to components same as marketing in which you need to steal the ground to survive. 

So here we are discussing how chess would help you to build marketing skills.

The Goal:

In chess, your goal is to checkmate the opponent King, the same like marketer objective is to establish their brand as the market leader and knock out the competitors. Chessable is the best online platform to learn about chess.


Suppose the chessboard represents a market and its players are the marketing activities. 

  • King is the Brand or Name of the company that each player tries to protect at all costs.
  • Queen is the strategic marketer who observes the big picture, plans the various movements, analyzes the scenarios and consequences, and determines the next moves/paths. It involves patience, a thorough understanding of the buyer’s needs, the market, and competition, and, most importantly, critical thinking.
  • Rooks, bishops, and knights reflect the marketer’s various marketing channels for creating visibility, each with its own set of limits.
  • Pawns represent the market value proposition, which is conveyed through sales collateral and marketing. A well-played pawn and marketer are game-changers.

Some steps can make you a Winner:

There is always a benefit to being the first to do something innovative. When playing catch-up, however, the opponent must gain the ability to appraise his or her current situation and prepare for the next move. By taking measured risks (by developing a plan for what might happen next) and determining whether the action would give a short or long-term benefit.

It involves recognizing where you are and where you want to go as a marketer (vision and mission).

There are numerous possible paths to take.

Along the way to success (both as a chess player and as a marketer), you are spoiled for choice by a plethora of options. Yes, there are formal rules governing what actions may be made in chess and what can be measured through a website. However, as good players, you don’t think about any of those things when designing a strategy because it’s your survival. The regulations fade into the background because, at the end of the day, it’s all about winning.

Choose Strong Competitors: 

The best way to improve in business or chess is to choose stronger opponents. If your opponents are incompetent then you will never improve your skills. Likewise, being a marketer you must work in a creative, resourceful team with an encouraging and motivating attitude towards each other. No doubt self-learning is important but working with someone at the next level is the key to raising the bar.

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