Lex Moskovski – Staying ahead with on-chain analysis, churning out the right investment insights

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“The financial world is scattered with false investment insights, and there’s much need for proper guidance,” says Lex.

The financial world has shown exponential growth over the years, and with recent technologically advanced developments, it has grown more than ever. Cryptocurrencies top the list, which has shown a steep rise over the years and now most people are involved. However, many false investment channels work against the investment as these are not studied in-depth, resulting in unfavourable results. To help people stuck in such situations, experts like Lex Moskovski guide them through the correct methods, which leads to better results. He relies heavily upon on-chain and quantitative analytics, having vast experience around this space which has helped him gain mastery over the area. Lex has gained in-depth knowledge about its workings and shares it with those who want to get their investments working.

According to Lex, the financial industry is a bit unorganised, especially that hovers around cryptocurrencies. People are just following false advisories to park their investments that turn against them within no time, as they are not backed by any foolproof data, resulting in disastrous results. Lex uses his experience and expertise in on-chain data and charts sources from the raw data to help investors understand their investments, thereby giving favourable results. However, it’s not as easy as it seems as one needs to follow a holistic and direct approach to data to get desired results, says Lex, who makes sure all protocols are followed to avoid any mismanagement of investments.

His company specializes in on-chain analysis that gets accurate investment insights from various blockchains and protocols that gives desirable results. He has been around for more than seven years now, grasping the nitty-grittys of the trade to its core. To date, Lex has created SaaS solutions for social media marketing and has his hands in process automation in finance, fintech, and digital marketing, which has spiralled many companies to optimum levels of success.

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